the world of till hundor

Prologue - The End of a Struggle

The Start of One Thing, The End of Another

Ganos the half-orc Priest of Desna, Rogar the clean-shaven dwarven Druid, John the half-elf Rogue, Variel the elven mage, Grimmjo the human monk, Aggunor the dwarven warrior, Lleywyn the elven ranger and Gil the Human berserker made their way off Skull F#$&*@ island and arrived on a high desert plain. When the amulet of the dragons was placed back in the pedestal an egg of energy encapsulated the group of stalwart adventurers and transported them through space and time, landing them near the village of Elderdale on the continent of Jestarica. Carefully they made there way into town to find that Gil had procured for them a tavern with all the necessary trappings to re-equip themselves for the coming struggle. They found that Elderdale was under dispute by the church of Desna and the iron fist of Killenar’s men, known as the Crimson Guard.



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