the world of till hundor

The Elemental Barbarian Village

So I, Gannoes Farwander, was in charge of the tower demolishing and the rebuild of at least the alter and start of the church. There was a crazy human with red sticks that made the tower go boom and break apart. I after ensuring construction was well under way i caught up to the group as they went on to a village. Upon catching up to the group agronar was naked and beat up by the only ork in the camp and i was confused. The monk, grimjaw, filled me in they were attacked the night before by fire elementals. Then last night the ork snuck up on the dwarf and Was sleeped and made prisoner. then when awakening the group sought out the village hoping to find the dwarf. When they found the village agrunor was fight the ork in ritual combat and got beat to pieces. Shortly after they talked to chief of the village and in recompense for the the dwarf and to prove our worth as a group we had to go find a cave and then find a quartz crystal. After a nights rest as a whole we set out to find the cave and between everyone we found that we suck at navigating. by the middle of the next day we finally found the cave. As we had to pass several test to gain access to the quartz including the tests of accuracy,agility,courage,and reverence. But upon finding the wall of quartz we took only a handful of dust.Also inside the cave we ran into a cloaker it grabbed the monk and was very damaging to him. We finally made it back to the village to the chief upon showing him the dust and the story of what happened. He smiled and said that we could talk diplomacy.



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