Lleywyn Mazol

Noble Elven Ranger


Lleywyn has always been more of the outdoors-man. Ever since he was a ‘young’ Elf, he loathed sitting in the council chambers rambling on about diplomatic solutions to certain hazards and dangers regarding the kingdom. Now, at the beginning of his ‘adulthood’ and before he takes the throne to his kingdom, he decided to set out to remedy his lackluster court-etiquette by seeing the world and practice diplomacy. Unfortunately, soon after he left on his adventure, his younger brother Tallic had usurped their father, and taken the throne for himself! But, although Tallic was well respected in the land for being the son of the king, he had few close allies that would help him to perform a coup d’├ętat. So he sent a request to the most notorious scumbag alive at the time, Jarich Killenar, who helped him along, in return for the same favor. All the while Lleywyn thinking everything’s fine at home.

  • His greatest fear is coming into contact with the undead, for they are abominations of all that is right in the world.
  • His main goal in life is to someday return to his homeland and be inaugurated as king of his nation.
  • His loved ones: His father Andaren Mazol and his brother Tallic Mazol.

Lleywyn Mazol

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