Population: Approximately 950, though the population more than triples occasionally due to traffic from traders and travelers.

Size: The borders of Elderdale encompass an area roughly the size of Kennewick proper.

Geographical Setting: Elderdale lies on a high desert plain. Several miles away there are mountains, forests and if you head south an ocean.

Political Climate: Elderdale is currently underdispute due to a recent tyrant’s campaign to claim land.

Economical Climate: The city is doing very poorly due to the oppression of their new sovereign.

Religious Climate: Desna is the major patron deity of this town. The church is doing its best to provide aid to those less fortunate.

Other Important things: There is a Fighters Guild

Places of Interest: The local tavern is a hot spot among locals. The first annual all games faire is occuring this year as a “friendly” competition between the church and the state.


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